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October 19, 2022

Celebrate Chef Don’s 63rd Birthday With Us!

It’s Chef Don Lim’s 63rd Birthday Weekend! October is a very special month for us. It’s Chef Don Lim’s 63rd birthday and also our restaurant’s official 1st anniversary at 39 Tyrwhitt Road.
October 9, 2022

Chicken Pie Making Tips by Chef Don Lim

From his early days at Raffles Place – in a small pie shop at China Square Central, Chef Don’s Chicken Pies are a classic comfort food that brings joy to our hearts and tummies. But have you ever wondered how these delicious pies are made?
October 9, 2022

Storing & Re-heating Chef Don’s Pies

Pies are a staple in our menu for close to four decades now, and also our best-selling pastry. Our Chicken Pies are convenient, delicious, and perfect for all ages. But what about storing our Chicken Pies when you can’t finish them on the day itself?
September 13, 2022

Introducing Our Pie Delivery in Singapore

Whether you need a few pies for a small get-together or enough pies to feed an entire office building, we have you covered. Our pies are fresh from the oven and baked in-house in our restaurant at 39 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207538. All pies are baked in small […]
July 2, 2022

Are Your Pies Halal?

Looking for a delicious chicken pie that’s also made in a kitchen that does not have any pork or lard? Look no further than Chef Don Lim’s Chicken Pies! Made with generous chunks of chicken, vegetables, mushrooms and some secret spices, our chicken pies only use ingredients from […]